Tasty bread rolls

The best "Mohnflesserl" in town

Delightful coffee and cakes...

...will make your day, so step into our charming coffeeshop

Let´s bake together

Bake your own Linz Tart with us and take home a very personal souvenir
Fritz Rath in der k.u.k. Hofbäckerei

Welcome to our Gourmet-Bakery

History meets craftmanship

Next to the main square in Linz, Upper Austria, you will find a hidden jewel: k.u.k. Hofbäckerei, a bakery and small coffeeshop, that for over 25 year has becharmed visitors from around the world. In a house full of history (it has first been mentioned in 1371 as the house of the bakers´guild) we offer fresh bread, delicious cakes and pastries every day - and, as we are regularly told by our customers: the best rolls in town!

Delightfull tastes and food for your brain

In our coffeeshop you will find books, pictures and many other mementos of the k.u.k. Monarchy. You may relax in this charming atmosphere while having one of our delicious breakfasts, a coffee and cake or just a little bite in between. And maybe, if the masterbaker and member of a historic cavalry regiment, Fritz Rath, finds some time, he will be able to tell you some unheard stories of the era of Emperor Franz Joseph.